8.500 million dollars!Eagles close to completion of the sale of Old Hill will become a small boss

8.500 million dollars!Eagles close to completion of the sale of Old Hill will become a small boss
On April 23, Beijing time, according to Yahoo Sports reports, the Atlanta Hawks sale, which lasted a long time, finally made significant progress.The consortium triggered by military private equity investment industry billionaire Anthony Resler has reached a basic agreement with the Eagles on the purchase.Eagle’s sale target is close to completion. Reseller and his wife According to the news obtained by Yahoo Sports, the consortium transferred by Anthony Resler will be $7 billion to $900 million from the current major shareholder of the Eagles, Bruce Leigh.Vincent bought the team in his hands.  According to ESPN, the final transaction price is about 8.500 million US dollars.  Anthony Resler was once listed by Forbes as one of the 1250 richest people in the world, with a net worth of more than $1.4 billion.In addition to being the founder of a private equity investment company, Resler also owns a small stake in the Milwaukee baseball team.  It is reported that former NBA star Grant Hill and Atlanta local entrepreneur Jess Izler will become investors in the consortium where Antonio Resler is based.  The purchase will eventually be approved by the NBA Board of Directors before it can be officially completed.But at the same time, the Eagles’ new leader plans to retain the team’s current CEO Steve Kuning and continue to be responsible for the Eagles’ daily affairs.  Bruce Levinson was forced to sell most of the team’s shares because of racial discrimination in emails sent to insiders of the Eagles last year.  This year, the Hawks played a historic season, the best record in the regular season team record of 60 wins and 22 losses, and entered the playoffs as the first seed of the Eastern Conference.Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer was selected as coach of the year yesterday.At that time, the new leader is expected to regard the renewal of Budenholzer as a priority task.(Rosen)

Yan Yu Nian screenwriter Wang Lang issued a text to talk about Bingyun, revealing the hidden mystery of the ending

“Yan Yu Nian” screenwriter Wang Lang issued a text to talk about Bingyun, revealing the hidden mystery of the ending
Sauna Night News On the evening of December 25th, Yan Bingyun, played by Xiao Zhan, officially appeared in “Ying Yu Nian”. Screenplay Wang Li also published an article about his views on the role of “Ying Bingyun”.Yun Yijiao is the most restrained of the characters in the first season of “Qing Yu Nian”. “For Xiao Yan, his home country is above everything else, so he hides his emotionally soft side in the deepest place, and he can only glimpse it occasionally.”Most of the time, he is indifferent and quiet, so to evaluate the small words, it is difficult to start with the usual, depending on the heart ape that he can’t hold between the electric light and the flint.”In addition, Wang Lian also revealed the hidden mystery of the ending:” Don’t hate small words because of the final state. Think about when Wang Qinian will not be playing. Is it wrong for Gundam to see the final scene? Why did Xie Bin give them time to think overnight, The second halfway stopper, the real purpose is what he expressed, why did Fan Xian wait for one night and did not choose to break the game . Do n’t look at the show, but look at the hidden.”Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Zhang Yanjun

Sports Morning News: Su Qun burst the men’s basketball insider selection, Xu Xin announced to upgrade to be father

Sports Morning News: Su Qun burst the men’s basketball insider selection, Xu Xin announced to upgrade to be father
[Inside Story]Li Chunjiang was once “played” by the famous commentator Su Qun when he responded to the comments of netizens a few days ago, he revealed the reason why Li Chunjiang was not the head coach of the national team.Su Qun’s public account released “Why not afraid of Argentina, only Spain?””In response to questions from netizens about the coach of the national team after the text, he replied:” Chun Jiang guided the application letter that year. In fact, the basketball association has set up a foreign teacher. He also fooled into Beijing to bid for the job.The terracotta warriors and horses vowed not to participate in the national team competition.[Contract]Manchester United renewed De Gea Manchester United announced last night that they will renew their contract with De Gea until 2023, and also include a team option to extend the player contract for one year.De Gea joined Manchester United from Atletico Madrid in 2011 with a transfer fee of 20 million Euros and played a total of 367 times on behalf of Manchester United.According to statistics, he has scored 102 zero seals in the Premier League, this data is the highest in the Premier League goalkeeper.[Chasing the Star]Xu Xin announced his upgrade to the old table tennis Olympic champion Xu Xin announced the good news of his upgrade last night. He posted photos of his little hands on his personal social media, with the text: “Mother and son are safe, welcome new members to register!I couldn’t help myself, my daughter-in-law was not with me during the whole pregnancy period until the birth, my daughter-in-law worked hard!From now on, our support team will add another general!”Editor Wang Xihuang proofread Li Shihui

Last year’s performance of Bosi Home Appliances: stable in Europe, rising in North America, subdivision in Asia

Last year’s performance of Bosi Home Appliances: stable in Europe, rising in North America, subdivision in Asia
On March 18, Bosi Appliances released its 2019 financial report, showing that the group’s revenue reached 13.2 billion euros, a slight decline in long-term.2%.Performance in Europe was stable, revenue in North America rose, and revenue in Asia was the lowest.In 2019, the investment in R & D of Bosi Home Appliances will increase to 7.1.3 billion euros, accounting for 5% of total revenue.4%, exceeding the historical record of 2018 (5%).The market environment in 2019 is challenging and competition is intensifying. The total income of Bosi Home Appliances in the European market (including Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe) has increased by nearly a replacement from the previous year.Business in the Americas (North America including Mexico and Texas) performed well, with revenue growth of nearly 10%.This is mainly due to the growing real estate projects-home appliances cooperation projects between Boxi Appliances and large real estate developers in the region.The revenue growth rate in the Asia-Pacific region is about 10%, and it remains the largest foreign home appliance manufacturer in the Chinese market.Market integration, intensified competition and the rapid development of online business are still the main challenges facing Bosi Home Appliances in China.There is no doubt that Bossi Home Appliances has significantly increased its revenue in Australia, India and Southeast Asian countries.In 2019, Bosi Appliances will increase its R & D investment to 7.1.3 billion euros, accounting for 5% of total revenue.4%, continue to focus on digital technology, including connected home appliance control software, voice control, machine learning and artificial intelligence.In 2020, Bossi Home Appliances will launch the first batch of products based on the micro-processor SystemMaster.In 2019, Bosi Home Appliances will continue to expand the digital ecosystem of home interconnection.At present, the Home Connect platform has cooperated with 42 companies in 40 countries around the world to jointly provide consumers with digital services.As ancillary products, smart watches produced by different manufacturers will also become wearable devices supporting home interconnection after smart phones and voice control devices.By collaborating with Google Assistant, Home Connect also expanded voice integration.In 2020, Bossie ‘s factories around the world will achieve climate neutrality and are expected to save 22%.5 GWh expected (equivalent to 2 of total revenue in 2017.8%), can increase internal renewable energy power generation by 2.5 GWh.Through these steps, Bosi Home Appliances will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5,000 metric tons in the production process.By 2030, Bosi Home Appliances will invest 1 billion euros to achieve climate neutrality and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by another 20% in its own production process.Mr. Rui Shike, Chief Executive Officer of Bosi Home Appliances Group, said: “Thanks to numerous new products and digital solutions, Bosi Appliances has maintained a good momentum of development.Considering the macroeconomic and political uncertainties, and the unknown impact of the new crown epidemic, 2020 will still be full of challenges for us.”Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng editor Li Weijia proofread Chen Diyan

[Chestnuts can lose weight _ lose weight eat chestnuts _ chestnuts lose weight]


[Chestnuts can lose weight _ lose weight eat chestnuts _ chestnuts lose weight]

Chestnuts are the chestnuts of everyone. The production of chestnuts is very large and there are many varieties. Chestnuts are very nutritious, rich in starch, and rich in protein, protein, B vitamins, etc. There are many benefits to eating chestnuts.However, people who are obese worry that eating chestnuts will make them fat. In fact, this worry is unnecessary.

First, can chestnut be eaten during weight loss?

Chestnut does not make people fat, but if you have to eat a few pounds every day, of course, it is another matter, and I have seen some people said that chestnut can effectively promote human excretion, if the excretion is fasterIf you eat too much, it will hurt your body, and it will also affect your normal eating. You should eat everything in moderation. This is the secret of longevity.

The edible, medicinal value of chestnuts (chestnut) contains a large amount of starch, protein, trace and mineral potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, etc., especially the potassium-containing prominent, 4 times higher than the apple known as potassium.

And the content of vitamin C, B1, B2 and carotene is higher than that of normal fruits.

Second, how to eat chestnut to lose weight?


Eating chestnuts between meals tends to produce a feeling of fullness. After eating chestnuts, rice will eat less, so the best time to eat chestnuts is between meals.


Reduce the amount of staple food in a moderate amount, the staple food mainly provides glucose, and chestnuts inserted in series can replace part of the staple food.

Therefore, after eating chestnut before eating, you need to reduce the amount of staple food to avoid excessive repetition.


Chestnuts are best not to be inclined. The original fluctuation of the chestnut is not low. If you use salt oil to replace it, the transformation of the chestnut will become higher. Eating 6 chestnuts is not only a bowl of rice.

Chestnuts are good as a snack and can be eaten between meals.

Third, will chestnut eat fat? Chestnut naturally does not have the function of “fatting” like those fried foods. After all, the content of chestnut dung is very low, and you don’t have to worry about eating it in moderation.

Moreover, if eaten in moderation, chestnuts can provide more energy to the human body, can help slight metabolism, and have certain benefits for weight loss.

However, eating chestnuts is easy to gain weight.

Since the conversion of 100 grams of chestnut is about 214 kcal, and the conversion of 100 grams of rice is 116 kcal, generally 10 small shelled chestnuts or 6 large shelled chestnuts have 100 grams, so the transformation of chestnut isNot low.

There is another rumor about chestnut quantum: “Eating six chestnuts is equal to a bowl of rice.” Although it is said to have exaggerated ingredients, it can also prove that the change is relatively high, so it is not recommended for weight-lossers to eat more chestnuts.

In addition, the content of starch in chestnut is also very high, the starch of dried chestnut reaches 77%, which is equivalent to 75% of grains, and the amount of fresh chestnut is as much as 40%.

Therefore, if you eat chestnuts after a meal, it is easy to absorb too much energy, which is not conducive to maintaining weight.

And if you eat it before meals, or make it as a dish, the main thing for a meal is to reduce or not to eat it, because 7-8 chestnuts are close to the amount of staple food when losing weight.

[How does the cheese slice melt?】 _How to melt_How to melt


浜轰滑甯歌鐨勮姖澹墖锛屽彟涓€涓悕绉板彨鑺濆+鐗囩墖鑴嗭紝杩欐槸涓€绉嶅悆璧锋潵寰堣剢鐨勯鐗╋ 珄  Han Hui  Jiao 鐢 儨 姖 悬 甴 男 笂 棣 掑 ご 浠 ュ strong 醦 眴 欩 欎 氋 湃 凬 凉凉 尋 尽 凤 凉 凤It ‘s hard to read it, and it ‘s a good example. It ‘s a chain of fear and power. It ‘s very hard to get around. It ‘s very hard to get ready. It ‘s very good.姖澹墖蹇€熻瀺鍖栧憿锛熻姖澹墖鎬庝箞铻嶅寲锛?.At the end of the world, you will be able to learn from each other, and you will be able to see each other, and you will be able to learn how to use it.嗭紝鐒跺悗灏辫蹇€熸嬁姹ゅ寵鑸€璧锋潵锛屾祰鍒版兂瑕佹斁缃殑浣嶇疆涓娿€傝蹇紝涓嶇劧浼氶噸鏂板嚌鍥鸿捣鏉ヤ簡鍝︺€?.闅旀按鐓硶鍙互鍦ㄩ攨閲岄殧姘寸叜锛屼竴杈逛綇涓€杈圭敤鎵撹泲鍣ㄦ墦鍙戯紝娉ㄦ剰姘存俯涓嶈兘澶珮锛屼繚鎸?0 掳 铊 壜 劜 卜 卍 堫 士 咒 卒 咒 卒 卒 咫 咫 援 撶 撶 姶 姸 姲 姽 史 鏲 鏀 鏲 鏐 鏐 叉 參 尭 導 尽 尕 尕 尕 尖 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 尕 専 尕 尕 尕 尉 尕 尕 尕 尗 尕 尗 尕 専 尕 尕 尓 尉 尕 尉 尕 専 尕 尉 尕 尉 尕 尉 尕 尉 尕 尉 専杞寲鐘跺氨鍙互浜嗐€傝姖澹紙cheese锛夛紝鍙堝悕濂堕叒銆佷钩閰紝鎴栬瘧绉板共閰€佽捣鍙搞€佽捣澹紝鏄钩鍒堕鍝佺殑閫氱О锛屾湁鍚勫紡鍚勬牱鐨勫懗閬撱€佸彛鎰熷拰褰㈠紡锛屾槸涓€绉嶅彂閰电殑鐗涘ザ鍒跺搧銆傚叾鎬ц川涓庡父瑙佺殑閰哥墰濂舵湁鐩镐技涔嬪锛岄兘鏄€氳繃鍙戦叺杩囩▼鏉ュ埗浣滅殑锛屼篃閮藉惈鏈夊彲浠ヤ繚鍋ョ殑涔抽吀鑿岋紝浣嗘槸濂堕叒鐨勬祿搴︽瘮閰稿ザ鏇撮珮锛岃繎浼煎浐浣撻鐗╋紝钀ュ吇浠峰€间篃鍥犳鏇村姞涓板瘜銆傛瘡鍏枻濂堕叒鍒跺搧閮芥槸鐢?0鍏枻鐨勭墰濂舵祿缂╄€屾垚锛屽惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€侀挋銆佽剛鑲€佺7鍜岀淮鐢熺礌绛夎惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝鏄函澶╃劧鐨勯鍝併€備粠鎶€鏈笂鏉ヨ锛屽ザ閰槸铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ粍鎴愮殑缃戠粶灏嗙墰涔宠剛鑲拰姘寸粍鍚堣捣鏉ョ殑涔冲埗鍝併€傚湪杈冧綆鐨勬俯搴︿腑锛屼钩鍒跺搧涓殑鑴傝偑鏄浐浣擄紝浣嗗鍏惰繘琛屽姞鐑埌90鍗庢皬搴︽椂锛岃剛鑲紑濮嬭瀺鍖栧彉鎴愭恫浣撳ザ閰彉寰楁洿鍔犳煍闊с€傚啀灏嗘俯搴﹀崌楂?0 鍒?0鍗庢皬搴︼紝閰泲鐧戒腑绾ょ淮寮€濮嬫柇瑁傦紝璁╂暣涓泲鐧借川缁撴瀯鏉惧紱銆傚綋铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ粨鏋勫紑濮嬬摝瑙f椂鏄惁寰堝ソ鐨勪繚鐣欏畠鐨勪钩鍖栨恫鏄喅瀹氬ザ閰瀺鍖栫殑濂藉潖鐨勫叧閿紝鍙嶈繃鏉ヨ繖涓庤剛鑲拰姘寸殑姣斾緥浠ュ強铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ綉缁滅殑缁撳疄绋嬪害鏈夊叧銆傞鍏堬紝蹇呴』淇濇寔姘村拰鑴傝偑鐨勫钩琛★紝鍙﹀鑴傝偑鍒嗗瓙浼氭粦鍔ㄨ仛闆嗗湪涓€璧枫€傝繖灏辨槸涓轰粈涔堣緝瀚╂按鍒嗚緝澶氱殑濂堕叒濡傞┈鑻忛噷鎷夊ザ閰€佽蒋濂堕叒甯冮噷骞查叒銆佹牸寰嬭€跺皵骞查叒銆佺憺澹共閰槸鍙互铻嶅寲鐨勶紝鑰岃緝骞茬殑濂堕叒濡傚笗灏旂帥濂堕叒澶卞幓鍙敤浜庤捀鍙戠殑姘村垎甯稿父鍒嗙鎴愬潡銆傝緝鑰佺殑濂堕叒杩樻湁鏇磋繘涓€姝ョ殑鍔e娍锛氬ザ閰€佸寲鐨勮繃绋嬩腑铔嬬櫧璐ㄤ箣闂寸殑缁撴瀯浼氳秼浜庢洿鍔犵揣瀵嗭紝杩欏氨浣垮緱铔嬬櫧璐ㄦ棤娉曟湁鏁堢殑灏嗚剛鑲拰姘村垎鍥哄畾鍦ㄥ叾缁撴瀯涓€傝繖灏辨槸涓轰粈涔堜竴浜涘ザ閰湪瀹岀編鐨勭粨鏋勪腑鑰佸寲浠嶇劧鏃犳硶The most important thing is to arrest the villagers and villagers, and to arrest the villagers and the villagers, and the villages are in a hurry細鍑忓皯鍏朵腑鐨勫惈姘撮噺锛屾槸鐗涘ザ铔嬬櫧鏀剁缉鑴傝偑鍙樻垚妫曡壊鈥斺€斾笉涓嶅啀琚浐瀹氬湪铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ粨鏋勪腑鎴栨偓娴湪姘翠腑锛屾笎娓愰泦鍚堝湪涓€璧枫€傞偅浜涙棤娉曟甯歌瀺鍖栫殑濂堕叒閲岄潰鍚湁鍧氱‖鐨勯叒铔嬬櫧锛氳繖绉嶈泲鐧借川缁撴瀯鏀剁缉鏃犳硶鍥哄畾浣忕鑴傝偑銆?

[10 month baby nutrition recipe _10 month baby nutrition recipe]


[10 month baby nutrition recipe _10 month baby nutrition recipe]

When the baby reaches ten months, the diet needs to be determined according to the nutritional needs of the child’s body, because the baby at ten months can eat a little bit of adults’ meals, and breast milk is still not fully satisfiedTheir nutritional needs, so mothers need to add supplementary food to them, but many mothers do not know what foods are suitable for babies in ten months, so what supplements can babies eat in ten months?

What supplements can a baby eat for ten months: 1. Preparation of apple sweet potato ball ingredients: one sweet potato and one apple. Production process: First, you must clean the sweet potato, then remove the outer skin of the sweet potato, and cut the sweet potato into pieces.Put in boiling water to cook, then you need to remove the skin of the apple first, then cut the apple into pieces, put the apple in the pot and cook, and finally mix the cooked sweet potatoes with the apple.

Nutritional analysis: Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrients, which are conducive to baby’s gastrointestinal motility, which is very good for the health of children.

For children with indigestion or slow gastrointestinal motility, we recommend that you provide apple sweet potato balls.

Second, the preparation of red adzuki bean paste: a small amount of red adzuki beans, a piece of brown sugar, a little water, and vegetable oil production process: First, we need to clean the red adzuki beans first, then put the red adzuki beans in the pot and wait until the red adzuki beans in the pot are coveredJust burn it.

Then, you need to put a small amount of oil in the pot, then add brown sugar, melt the brown sugar with low heat, then put in the cooked red bean paste, and fry it a few times at the end.

Nutritional analysis: For babies ten months old, the choice of nutrition is very important.

However, children also prefer to eat sweet food.

Red beans are indeed more suitable for babies.

Third, the preparation of chestnut porridge ingredients: part of rice, four chestnuts, replacing the salt production process: First, we need to clean the rice first, then remove the shell of the chestnut, and then put the chestnut into the water and cook.

Then, put the rice into the pot of chestnut, continue to cook, wait until the rice is cooked and add it called salt.

Nutritional analysis: Chestnut is a good ingredient for nourishing the stomach and kidneys.

It is suitable to eat chestnut in autumn.

Children are more suitable for drinking porridge. We recommend parents to prepare chestnut porridge for children ten months old.

[Benefits of drinking red bean barley water]_Effect_Efficacy


[Benefits of drinking red bean barley water]_Effect_Efficacy

Red bean barley water is a popular drink for women, and it also has health effects.

The production of red bean barley water generally requires the use of a pressure cooker, because red beans and barley are ingredients that need to be continuously cooked, otherwise it is difficult to soften.

The red bean glutinous rice water is sweet and delicious, and can nourish the body. It is a drink suitable for all ages.

So, what are the benefits of drinking red bean barley water?

First of all, let’s talk about whether we drink red bean glutinous rice water to get ignited. We all know that red bean glutinous rice water has flat red beans and barley is slightly cold. At the same time, we can boil water together, and there is basically no possibility of ignite.

However, because red bean barley water has the effect of clearing heat and dampness, sometimes you need to pay attention to some problems. Let ‘s take a look at what problems you need to pay attention to when drinking red bean barley water: 1. Red bean barley water cannot be eaten with rice.

Because the purpose of drinking red bean barley water is to remove moisture, rice is a food that increases the body’s moisture. When drinking red bean barley water, eating with rice will greatly reduce its dehumidifying effect, and it will not work as expected.

2, pregnant women should not take it.

Pregnant women’s body is more sensitive to food reactions during pregnancy. If there is no very serious moisture in the body, they can’t eat oatmeal, because oatmeal is slightly cold, and it is easy for pregnant women to cause contractions and even abortion.

3. Do not take red bean barley water as medicine.

Ren has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, so many people want to use red bean barley water to lower blood pressure and blood sugar.

However, food can only prevent the adjuvant treatment, and cannot be eaten as medicine.

For blood sugar and blood pressure, the control should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

4. People with constipation cannot drink.

Since red bean barley soup helps the body to penetrate water and dampness, it can allow our body to discharge excess moisture and water.

This can easily cause the initial loss of water to become dry, so constipated people drink red bean barley water will aggravate the symptoms, it is best not to drink.

In short, the red bean in rice water is flat, and the red rice is slightly cold, so the red bean in rice water is basically not likely to get angry.

However, due to the beneficial effect of red bean barley water, we need to pay attention to some problems. First, we cannot eat with rice, secondly, we cannot take it, and pregnant women and constipated people cannot drink it, otherwise it will have adverse effects.

Finally, remind everyone that if the body is not very humid, do not take red bean barley water repeatedly to avoid excessive loss of body water, which is not good for your health.

[Do you need to add salt for cooking crabs?】 _How to do_How to do


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Wanhua Chemical (600309) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: First Quarter Results Improved, MDI Prices Bottom Up


Wanhua Chemical (600309) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: First Quarter Results Improved, MDI Prices Bottom Up

Core point of view MDI’s future supply and demand situation will improve, the company’s performance will be better under the rebound of prices, transforming the company’s far-reaching layout in the petrochemical and new materials fields, maintaining the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 4.



43 yuan / share, maintain target price of 63 yuan and “Buy” rating.

Product prices are falling every year, and the first quarter results are in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 159 in Q1 of 2019.

$ 5.2 billion a year-8.

30%; net profit attributable to mother 27.

96 ppm, at least -45.


The company’s first-quarter operating results were in line with expectations. As the MDI market price fell from the same period of the previous year, and the price of petrochemical products fell more or less, the company’s gross profit margin fell in the first quarter.

Prices of propylene, propylene oxide, MTBE, and n-butanol decreased by 7 respectively.

25%, 16.

4%, 5.

82%, 2.

twenty three%.

Absorb Wanhua Chemical’s MDI production capacity and enjoy leading dividends.

In the short term, MDI prices have rebounded. Since 2019, the company’s aggregate 合肥夜网 MDI and pure MDI prices have increased. In May, the aggregate MDI distribution market has reached 19,000 yuan / ton, the direct sales market has reached 19,500 yuan / ton, and the pure MDI price has reached 27,200 yuan / ton.

In the long run, due to factors such as high-tech barriers and variable equipment, the capacity expansion capacity of the MDI supply side has shifted; and the recovery of comprehensive macro demand has made the MDI supply and demand layout better.

As the global leader in MDI, the company’s MDI production capacity accounts for 60% and 24% of domestic and world production capacity respectively. The company has completed the transfer operation of absorbing the equity of all the first-level subsidiaries of Wanhua Chemical involved in the merger, and absorbed the MDI capacity after the merger of Wanhua 北京夜网 ChemicalWill increase to 210 expectations / year.

Beyond the industry’s average gross profit margin, the company is expected to obtain high returns in the process of price recovery.

Petrochemical + new materials help multi-directional growth of the main business.

The company merges the core technologies of the petrochemical industry chain and invests 17.8 billion US dollars in 100 vinyl resin projects which will open up the company’s growth space.

In terms of new materials, the company established six business divisions, 30 tons / year TDI, 3 tons / year SAP, 13 tons / year PC, 8 tons / year PMMA, and 5 tons / year MMA to help the company take off.

The comprehensive layout has deepened the company’s industrial diversification and anti-risk capabilities.

Overall, the company has a well-established layout and long-term performance guarantee.

Risk factors: intensified market competition; intensified trade disputes; financial pressure caused by scale expansion.

Investment suggestion: The company’s MDI leader is solid overall, the product price is expected to rebound, and the three major business segments have a profound layout. We maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 4.



43 yuan / share, maintain target price of 63 yuan and “buy” rating.