Diabetes should pay attention to diet


Diabetes should pay attention to diet

What should diabetes pay attention to in terms of diet?

The typical characteristic of diabetes is high blood sugar, so diabetic patients can not eat sugary, high-conversion foods, and need a reasonable diet.

So what should diabetic patients pay attention to in terms of diet?

The main food of staple foods is mainly coarse grains, some oats, oatmeal, cornmeal and so on.

Because these foods contain free radical inorganic salts, vitamins, and dietary fiber, dietary fiber has a hypoglycemic effect and is beneficial for controlling blood sugar.

The source of protein protein is mainly soybean and its soy products.

Residues contain a high amount of protein, which replaces cholesterol and has a lipid-lowering effect.

Vegetables with low sugar content eat vegetables with less sugar, such as pumpkin, seaweed, lettuce, cabbage, small rapeseed, wave vegetables, celery, barley, garlic, nest, cucumber, zucchini, melon, melon, cabbage, etc.

A small amount of food supplements: white sugar, brown sugar, glucose and sugar sweets such as candy, pastries, awards, preserves, ice cream, etc.

Cobalt oxide potatoes, yam, hurubibi, etc.

It is best not to use saturated fatty acid lard, butter, oil, cream, paste, etc., it is best not to use.

Use less or no egg yolk and animal internal organs such as liver, brain, waist and other plasma containing is quite high, should be used as little or as little as possible.

Do not drink alcohol, mainly alcohol, high heat production, and other nutrients are very small, so it is not appropriate to drink.

Successfully fattening, everything is possible


Successfully fattening, everything is possible

The body is really gaining weight. When it was unexpected, I found that last summer’s summer dress was very uncomfortable to wear on the body. I couldn’t tell where it was. Then I went to the place and was shocked. I really gained fat.

  This is not an easy task for me. I haven’t had more than 108 pounds in weight for a few years. This time, the pointer slammed to 110 pounds. It seems that it is possible to successfully increase fat.I think that when it is the worst, it starts to grow meat.

  For me, fat should be a good thing, at least for the body’s absorption function to develop in a good direction, then, the color will be better, although a lot of discomfort still exists, but the absorption ability allows more nutrients to enter the body,Slowly, those discomforts caused by those weaknesses are expelled from the body, which is exactly what I want.

  The increase in flesh and blood on the body was originally discovered by the sword. He used to pinch my fat looking meats (which Nie and I call), although Ni is struggling with me too much excess meat.I will try to distinguish: I am still the thinnest in the unit!

The sword is still happy, as long as there is a chance, not pinch or catch, often I will blame him for being too heavy, and occasionally he will retaliate against his head, scared him to hide everywhere, and then remind him, “You think I am notIt hurts!

He thought I wouldn’t hurt, I only felt love!

I want to cry, cry, teach you to easily cry out of health


I want to cry, cry, teach you to easily “cry” out of health

Lead: Why do women live longer than men?
One of the important reasons is that women know how to vent their tears, and health can be “crying”, believe it or not!
Most people have had this experience: When you are in a hurry, the stomach begins to burst into aching pain.
If you go to the doctor, he will give you some stomach medicine, and will tell you that you have neuropathic gastritis, and the stomach is “digesting” your nervousness.
At the same time, I suggest that you be nervous for a while, but it is better to go home and cry, and sigh with grievances together with tears.
Sure enough, this approach is really effective.
According to the Russian family psychologist Nadezhda Shulman, tears have proven to be the most effective “remeist” for relieving mental burden.
It is probably because of this reason that women have fewer infarctions and strokes than men because of nervousness.
Many psychologists believe that it is good to cry and cry.
However, it is only appropriate to whisper, not to be large, and to imagine the pain and grievances together with the tears.
By the way, those who see tearful books or sorrowful movies will shed tears at a critical moment than those who “have tears and do not flick”.
Some people simply don’t cry, this is some unfortunate people.
Psychologists regard this phenomenon of not crying as an emotional disorder and consider it necessary to see a doctor.
Doctors will think that these people have schizophrenia or tumors.
Because the secretion of tears promotes the normal metabolism of cells, it does not allow them to form tumors.
In addition, when we cry, we will continue to take a short breath and long gas, which greatly contributes to the work of the respiratory system and blood circulation system.
This “breathing with crying” has been applied to some breathing exercises that are very effective in treating asthma and bronchitis.

Is it not insomnia if you sleep?


90 after the “insomnia army”!

Is it not insomnia if you sleep?
90 after the “insomnia army”!

People’s living habits are already very different from before. Even at night, they are very active. In addition, most of the current electronic products have people’s social interactions with only one mobile phone, causing people to sleep late and insomnia.Happening.
According to the survey, it has become the first insomniac group after 90 years.
Recently, some organizations have analyzed the “insomnia” population. The data show that the post-90s population aged 18 to 25 accounted for nearly 40% of the total insomnia.
Be the first insomniac.
Among the young people between the ages of 18 and 35, they also account for 80% of the younger.
  Sleeping badly, insomnia is a very headache for modern people. How to judge whether you are insomnia?
Insomnia is not as simple as sleeping or sleeping.
Is your sleep ok?
  1. Lying in bed, even if you don’t think about anything, you can’t fall asleep; except for getting into sleep, and sleeping time is very short, it is easy to wake up from your dreams.
This condition is called subcortical insomnia.
  2, some people think that I have already slept early, and sleep very quickly, it should have nothing to do with insomnia.
But if you are not familiar with it, it is easy to wake up. The most terrible thing is that you can’t sleep after waking up, and it will continue until dawn.
This condition is called early wakefulness and insomnia.
  3, there is also a kind of person, there is no insomnia or can not sleep, but eating some food one day, or drinking a drink, or some time to eat certain drugs will lead to short-term insomnia, because someThings will make your brain excited and unable to sleep.
In this case we call insomnia on the diet or medicine.
  4, sleep well at night, a bubble to wake up, is there such a situation, especially drinking water at night before going to bed, may be more than once a night, the summer is good, the winter is cold, toIt’s really painful to get up in the toilet. It’s a little sleepy when you open the quilt.
In addition, often go to the toilet in the middle of the night, it may be a problem with the kidneys and bladder. Beware.
Different types of insomnia causes 1 transient insomnia (less than a week) Most people experience stress, stimulation, excitement, anxiety; when they are sick; at high altitudes; or when sleep patterns change (such as jet lag; work shifts, etc.)There will be transient insomnia disorders.
This type of insomnia usually improves with the disappearance of the event or the length of time, but transient insomnia, such as improper treatment, can lead to chronic insomnia.
  The main treatment principle for transient insomnia is intermittent use of low-dose sedative sleeping pills or other drugs that help sleep, such as anti-depressants and good sleep hygiene.
2 short-term insomnia (one week to one month) Severe or persistent stress, such as major physical illness or surgery, death of relatives and friends, serious family, work or interpersonal problems may lead to short-term insomnia.
This insomnia has a significant correlation with stress.
  The principle of treatment is short-term use of low-level sedative sleeping pills or other drugs that can help sleep, such as antidepressants and behavioral treatments (such as muscle relaxation).
Short-term insomnia can lead to chronic insomnia if not handled properly.
3 Chronic insomnia (more than one month) The cause of chronic insomnia is complex and difficult to find, and many chronic insomnia are caused by a combination of multiple causes.
The causes of chronic insomnia are as follows: (1) Physical illness can lead to insomnia; (Many chronic diseases are related to insomnia) (2) Insomnia caused by illness or mood disorder; (3) Use of drugs,Alcohol, irritants, or drugs, etc. cause insomnia; (4), have a wakefulness cycle disorder or irregularities leading to insomnia; (5), feel uncomfortable in the calf before going to bed or involuntary twitching during sleep导致失眠;  (6)、睡觉打呼、不规律的呼吸或其它呼吸障碍而导致失眠;失眠吃什么食物1牛奶  牛奶是治疗失眠的理想食物。Milk contains enough calcium and lactic acid to promote the flow of calcium in the blood to the sleep center.
When a certain amount of calcium is stored in the sleep center, it will cause sleepiness.
In addition, milk also contains tryptophan, which can make people feel sleepy and promote sleep.
And this hypnotic effect is gradually strengthened, which can make deep sleep better.
The elderly themselves lack sufficient calcium and lactic acid, so you can eat a slice of calcium every night, and then drink a cup of milk, you can have a sweet sleep.
2 longan longan is a nourishing and healthy brain food, suitable for people suffering from excessive neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, dizziness and fatigue.
The longan is rich in glucose, sucrose, vitamins and other substances, which can nourish nerves and brain tissue, thereby regulating the function of the cerebral cortex and improving insomnia and amnesia.
4 to 6 longan, lotus seeds, simmered slightly, add water stew to drink before going to bed.
Or 4 to 6 pieces of longan can be used for drinking before going to bed, which can effectively relieve insomnia.
3 pig heart In general, the animal’s heart is used to regulate the body’s heart palpitations, panic, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms, have a good effect.The most commonly used is the pig heart.

The protein content of pig heart is double in pork, and the trace content is only one tenth of that of pork.

Moreover, the pig heart also contains calcium carbonate, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, which can strengthen myocardial nutrition, nourish the heart and blood, treat convulsions, insomnia and other symptoms.

4 large jujube jujube contains flavonoid-bis-glucoside A has sedative, hypnotic and antihypertensive effects, so jujube is often used to treat neurasthenia, can benefit Qi, soothe the nerves, blood.

Therefore, some people who are weak, neurasthenia and accompanied by insomnia, often eat jujube is very beneficial to the body.

5 Lily lily has better curative effect on nervousness, palpitations, insomnia and dreams caused by menopausal syndrome.

Insomnia patients can often eat porridge made from lily lotus seeds.

6 millet millet contains a large amount of tryptophan.

The tryptophan contained in every 100 grams of millet is as high as 202 mg, and other cereals cannot be classified at all.

Tryptophan can induce the secretion of serotonin from the brain’s nerves, which makes the brain’s nerve activity temporarily suppressed, which makes people feel like they want to sleep.

Moreover, millet contains a large amount of starch, which can cause a sense of food and clothing, and further increase the content of tryptophan in the brain.

Therefore, people who do not sleep well should eat some millet, which has a good effect on improving sleep.

7 floating wheat so-called floating wheat is not sinking in the water of wheat, with the effect of filling the heart and antiperspirant, suitable for people with physical weakness and sweat, dry mouth, dry mouth, upset and insomnia.

Traditional Chinese medicine often uses floating wheat to treat insomnia.

Wheat has a good effect in stabilizing the spirit and enhancing physical strength.

Modern medicine believes that the dietary fiber and vitamin E contained in the wheat germ are very rich, and can provide various nutrients required by the human body to ensure sleep.

8 walnuts in the clinic, walnuts have been proven to improve sleep quality, so often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, dreams and other symptoms.

The specific method is to use black sesame seeds, mash into a paste, take 15 grams before going to bed, the effect is very obvious.

The elderly should pay attention to distinguish between spurs and fasciitis


The elderly should pay attention to distinguish between spurs and fasciitis

Some middle-aged and elderly people often feel a heel pain suddenly, and after the break, the pain will be relieved.

When I go to the hospital to take an X-ray examination, I will probably find that the shin of the sole of the foot has a bone spur, so it is determined that it is the pain caused by the spur.

In fact, the real cause of pain is often fasciitis.

  The so-called bone spurs are manifestations of degenerative changes in the bones.

If X-ray examination is performed, nearly 80% of the elderly over the age of 60 will have degenerative changes in the bones, that is, long bone spurs.

But long bone spurs are a slow process, and the pain is slowly aggravated and does not suddenly become obese.

The above-mentioned heel pain is a sudden pain and pain, which is an acute pain symptom, which is inconsistent with the characteristics of the bone spur pain.

This is also an important difference between fasciitis and spur pain.

  The tendon fascia is a tough and elastic fibrous tissue that plays an important role in maintaining the structure of the arch. It is also an important bearing part of human organs and walking.

After middle-aged people, the fascia is also degenerated and degraded like other tissues such as bones, and its elasticity is reduced, making it brittle and easily injured.

Because the injury is mostly at the calcaneal nodules, most of the patients show heel pain.

  The essence of fasciitis is the rupture or rupture of varying amounts of fibrous tissue, causing local congestion, edema, leukocyte infiltration, and pain in the boots stimulating the nerves.

Since the fibrous tissue of the tendon fascia is damaged, it is difficult to restore the original structure, but is replaced by scar marks, so it is often easy to repeat after an accident.

  The method of treating fasciitis is to promote the repair of damaged tissue as soon as possible.

The key to patients is to take full rest, increase as little as possible, walk less, and not walk with weight.

The symptoms are lighter or the first time the author is sent, often only a few days no longer pain, and basically returned to normal in about ten days.

In addition, patients should also insist on using hot water to soak feet every day, and gently massage to promote inflammation subsided, pain disappeared.

Drinking beer in moderation is healthier than banning alcohol


Drinking beer in moderation is healthier than banning alcohol

Regular, moderate beer intake – 1 per day?
2 cups (350 ml) of beer – good for both men and women, especially if you are facing aging or being affected by the most common diseases.

And the following 7 things you’ve always dreamed of, beer can bring you.

  ● Maintaining heart health: A large number of studies have shown that moderate drinking, including beer, can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Among those with healthy lifestyles, moderate drinkers have a 40% lower risk of heart attack than alcoholics?

  ●Protection of blood vessels: Hypertensive men who drink alcohol in moderation have reduced risk of both fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular diseases.

Moderate drinking of beer also helps prevent thrombosis and prevents dilated strokes.

  ● Reduce the risk of diabetes: Studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption in diabetics can also reduce the risk of the biggest killer-coronary heart attack.

Studies have also shown that drinking alcohol increases insulin sensitivity or anti-inflammatory effects.

  ● Improve cognitive ability: Is beer good for the brain?

The answer is yes.

A 2006 report published in the Journal of the American Heart Association showed that moderate drinking may give women better cognitive skills.

Coincidentally, a study published in the 2003 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association said that older people over the age of 65 consume 1-6 cups of alcoholic beverages per week, mixed with alcohol, substitute alcohol, and risk metabolism of Alzheimer’s disease.
  ● Make bones strong: Studies have shown that beer can play a role in preventing bone loss and rebuilding male bone mass, but for young women, women after menopause have not found it.

It is said that it may be that the silicon content in the beverage is higher.

However, excessive drinking can lead to a significant increase in the risk of fracture.

  ● Stay alive: There is an opposite relationship between moderate drinking and total mortality. Drink 1 per day?
People with 2 glasses of wine have the lowest risk of death, which may be due to the effect of beer crushing on preventing coronary heart disease and stroke.

  ● Feel healthier: A study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Hygiene showed that people who drink beer are more likely to get sick and feel better than those who ban alcohol.

The real reason for men’s fitness makes rolling sheets more fierce


The real reason for men’s fitness makes rolling sheets more fierce

The real reason for men’s fitness is that everyone’s fitness needs are different. Why do men want to exercise, what is their purpose?

1, let the rolling sheet more fierce do not know if you have heard the following sentence “sports is a man’s physiological Viagra.”

Ok, now you hear it!

According to a survey, compared to those who are sedentary, staying 4 times a week, 30 minutes a day, or other sports with comparable energy consumption, such as swimming, jogging, etc., can make sexual function in adult males.The incidence of obstacles is reduced by 2/3.

Specifically through those methods to exercise!


Aerobics such as brisk walking, swimming, yoga and jogging can make you more spiritual. Secondly, due to the specific actions of rolling the sheets, the muscle strength of the abdominal muscles and limbs play an important role, so the waist and abdomen and the limbs are moderate.Strength training is very important.

2, hunting the favorite colleagues around the men themselves to buy new underwear (mostly except for the wife to buy), most of the time is like this, the day has fallen, the room has been opened, about?


When you fade your suit, shirt, and tight trousers, you must show yourself from the inside out.

To know that from the time when Adam and Eve used the leaves to cover up, the underwear is not just to hold the little brother.

In addition to buying new underwear, how can you allow the excess meat in your waist to appear.

Men should know that women don’t like naked men. It may be because of evolutionary reasons. Men who see the open-legged woman can’t help but want the rocket to launch, but for the woman who sees naked, the man will only stand and laugh.However, sexy men will make women unable to hold themselves, some of the handles above the underwear, sexy abdominal muscles, and strong arm muscles, including the picture of Ke Zhendong covering the clavicle with rose petals in “Little Age 3″Let the movie theater girls scream and so on.

If one day he suddenly starts to exercise, he must like someone on the side, use fitness to find a topic or make himself more confident through fitness. The girl does not like to have a firm body, thick arms and lower abdomen.The initial male!

Please carefully observe the male colleagues around you.

3, the pressure to release life and work in the current high-pressure society, there are too many things to face every day, some people are easy to carry, psychological depression, negative energy and so on.

There is a good way to solve it with a sweat.

Sweating is also very particular about it. It is said that active sweat removal is effective, and passive sweating like a sauna is useless.

People who run have such experiences and feelings. When they encounter troubles, they will change their moods. Why?

Researchers have found that during the running process, the human body produces a substance called “endorphin”, which can make the human body in a relaxed state.

“Endorphin” is therefore also known as “happy hormone” or “young hormone”, which can make people feel happy and satisfied, helping people to relieve stress and unhappiness.

So, if you want to be happy, you will run and run, and if you want to be happy, you will take the initiative to sweat.

4, build confidence to cope with challenges, make people lose their enthusiasm for life, the man in trouble is feeling helpless, incompetent, unable to do anything.

So the easiest solution is to start fitness.

At the beginning of fitness, you can set yourself a basic exercise goal. After a long period of hard work, you will feel very excited and happy every time you progress. Through long-term fitness, you can develop good habits and your body is healthier.This kind of joy and positive energy will make you become more confident, and bring the confidence of fitness to the challenges and pressures in life. It is not the case.

5, a moment of whim?

Seeing the madness of snacking around, the people who had a big meal at night began to change, and used the rest time at noon to go to the gym every day.

I started to join the card and did not insist on it. In the end, I didn’t insist on it for a few days. The gym went bankrupt and I gave up. I thought about using the time to taste the newly opened restaurant not far from the company, as long as my wifeIt’s good to not give up.

(Have you ever heard the woman around you say this: “My husband also had 6 packs of abdominal muscles in the same year!

“) Back is the shore, friends!


6, strong friends to expand the social circle Since the work, every day life has become the same, when the same, every day around the 10 people walk around.

When people are bored and lonely, they will start to change and be eager to seek adventure.

Mature men always hope that fish and bear’s paw can have both. If you can meet new people and make your body healthier, fitness becomes the preferred way for men to expand their social circle. Use this adjustment to make ordinary life.


Analysis of the physical and chemical status of honeysuckle


Analysis of the physical and chemical status of honeysuckle

Researchers at China Pharmaceutical University and Henan Agricultural University conducted a comparative analysis of the physical and chemical conditions and geological background systems of the same quality of honeysuckle in different producing areas by selecting some indicators related to soil geological background, and discussed the formation of honeysuckle in the real estate area.The geological background factors and some characteristic indicators of soil physical and chemical conditions provide a scientific basis for the quality evaluation of honeysuckle and the construction of honeysuckle GAP base.
  Methods: The geological background system (GBS) of the same quality honeysuckle in 5 different producing areas was compared to analyze the physical and chemical conditions of soil.
  Results: The three road real estate areas (Henan Xinmi, Fengqiu, Shandong Pingyi) have a latitude of 34°-35° in the geological background system, a longitude of 113°-117°, and an altitude of 100-800 meters.The main clay mineral components are mainly hydromica; the annual sunshine hours (h) are 2400-2600; the annual precipitation is 600-1000 mm, showing strong regionality.
It is proved that the distribution of the honeysuckle is restricted by GBS.
  Soil physical clay in 3 road real estate areas
<20%或在20%-30%,而非道地产区土壤质地粘重,其物理性黏粒>30%; the soil pH of the three road real estate areas is 8.
4, 8.
3 and 6.
7. The soil pH of the non-dominant real estate area is 5.
3 and 5.
1; The soil base saturation (BS) of the three road real estate areas is significantly higher than that of the non-dominant real estate area, and the total cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil is also significantly higher than that of the non-dominant real estate area.
  Studies have shown that the role of GBS should be considered in the construction of honeysuckle GAP base.

Gannan Langmu Temple, a place where people are indulging


Gannan Langmu Temple, a place where people are indulging

Standing at Langmu Temple overlooking Langmu Town, Langmu Temple is located at the border of Gansu and Sichuan provinces, Langmu Temple, 90 kilometers south of Luqu County.

The scenery here is beautiful and the scenery is very beautiful.

Compared with the big landscapes of the two provinces, the big scenery is a forgotten corner and a recognition of backpackers’ travel.

  The mountain in front of the temple is shaped like a skull cap.

The red sandstone wall of the temple is high and the stone peak of the temple is tall and straight.

The splendid temple complex and the patchwork of the tower houses are nestled among the lush cypress pines.

In this best place of paradise, you can know the calling of the gods and get close to the most primitive and purest beauty in life.

  ”Langmu” is the meaning of the Tibetan “fairy”, because the stone rock in the cave is like the Tingting jade girl, the folk is said to be a fairy, hence the name.

The large pine forests under the mountain are lush and lush.

The ground of Langmu Temple in Gansu Province is called “Langmu Temple Town”, and the ground of the Sichuan Province is called “Namu Temple Town”.

In fact, “Langmu” and “Namu” are the same thing for Tibetan. They are two different Chinese characters for transliteration, but they are easy to distinguish for administrative divisions.

The white towers of Langmu Temple are full of charms. Everyone who indulges in travel will love a place in the past. Perhaps it is a town far away from people, perhaps a barren and barren mountainous area.

  Last autumn’s Gannan trip, although only a hurry, but has been deeply attracted by the scenery and humanities there, telling me that you must come back to Langmu Temple in winter, look at the different scenery here, and see the lively Zhengyue method here.It will be a simple Tibetan and a wish to make a wish before the Buddha.

So in the first month of this year, with some good expectations, carrying the bag, once again set foot on this pure land, and carefully understand the winter snowy style.

  In the foothills of Langmusi Town, the Falun on the ridge, the golden deer is splendid in the sunshine, and the people are quiet and leisurely, and the Buddha world is beautiful.

Into the ancient town of Langmu Temple, almost everywhere reveals a sacred and mysterious, but also reveals a little leisure and casual.

The sun on the plateau is always so bright, the sun is mixed with the thick smoke from the temple, and it is filled in the whole town. On the curved road of the temple, the long-headed grassland herders step by step; tourists from all over the worldCarrying a backpack and holding a camera, I kept photographing the unique ethnic customs and natural scenery of the plateau town.

  The temple stands quietly in the embrace of the mountains. The dancing prayers convey a strong religious atmosphere, and the devout believers wait for the long head to turn around.

The turning wheel turned to the suffering of this life and turned to the happiness of the afterlife.

The unique geographical environment, beautiful mountains and folk customs make up everything in Langmu Temple. Han, Tibetan, and back to the three ethnic groups are all in the waters of the Bailong River, breathing a fresh air and living a peaceful and stable life.
In the morning, several lamas passed by Langmu Temple.

  When the first month of the Law Society of Langmu Temple came to this place, it was said that the most lively of Langmu Temple was the first month. The 13th day of the lunar calendar, the herdsmen in the Tibetan area must be grand and grand in the Langmu Temple.Traditional Buddhism program – Sun Buddha Festival.

  The Buddha is actually called the Buddha. The Buddha is a common name for people. The Tibetans wear colorful costumes and harvests from the past year to make pilgrimages and carry out some small-scale material exchanges.

In addition to the activities of the Buddha statue, there are other Buddhist activities such as Debate, Big God, Butter Lamp Show, Liang Bao and so on.

The most important thing in the event is this large-scale Sun Buddha activity, which is why I came here again.

At dawn, the monks in the temple will clean up the Buddhist temples and practice squares early, and the Tibetans in the distance will come to the wind and snow.

  Finally I have to sunbathe!

I got up early, and today is a good day. Whether it is for Buddhas, monks, Tibetans, or tourists, everyone is busy and excited.

First stroll around the monastery, then climb the nearby hillside, find your best viewing and shooting location, and wait quietly for this holy moment.

  There was a sigh of noise at the foot of the mountain, and the Buddha began.

In order to be able to watch and feel more closely, I ran down the hillside and chased the team of the Buddha.

Wherever the Buddha statues went, the Tibetans all bowed to the gimmicks. Many people followed the Buddha statues, and the team grew stronger and stronger, gradually forming a dragon.

Followed by the lama who lifted the Buddha, I realized that the original Buddha statue is a huge and beautiful Thangka, which is the treasure of the town temple of everyone.

Thangka comes in many forms, but it uses a lot of natural pigment statues, corals, gold and so on.

These can be painted on paper, cloth, silk, wool fabric.

The color is as new as ever and does not fade.

Thangka began, and the Tibetan men and women in front of the Buddha statues slammed their heads.

  The snow fluttering in the sky is getting bigger and bigger, and God seems to use snow to prove the purity of the heavens. So in the middle of the Tibetans, I seem to cross the boundaries of time and space.I stood under a slope in front of the hall and looked up at their faces. The dark and dark skin was faintly visible on the plateau red, the blue sky as the curtain, and the lining was lining.

I saw two lovely Tibetan girls under the eaves. The thick Tibetan robes are the school uniforms. Even if they accept modern education, they will not lose the national tradition. A little boy with a snot will take back his mother.Waist, looking at the big Buddha in the distance, I don’t know if he really understands the meaning of the Buddha. Maybe he knows more about the solemnity of the Buddha than we do; look at the faces of the Tibetans in gorgeous costumes.Clearly filled with happiness and satisfaction.

Perhaps it is the etiquette of the individual worship of the Buddha, and it is the most important festival of Tibetans and also our holiday.

Langmu Temple Town is the grand moon festival of the Buddha. There are two roads from Xiahe County to Langmu Temple. One is the near road. From the small Sanko to the Amu, the Erhai, the Luqu to the Langmu Temple, the other is the first road.To cooperate, and then through the Bohai Sea, Luqu to Langmu Temple, from the Amu to Langmu Temple are all 213 National Road.

The road conditions in the country are relatively good, but the road is also pitted. The total time spent on chartered vehicles is about 6 hours, and the minimum cost is 300 yuan/car (small noodles).

If you are flying, take the initial shuttle bus to Xiahe to cooperate, and then take the shuttle bus to Zoige or Diebu.

Returning to Langzhou from Langmu Temple, you usually get on the bus at the entrance of Langmusi Hotel, every morning 6?
There are two buses at 7:00, and 20 yuan/person for cooperation. At the cooperative bus terminal, you can transfer to the Lanzhou car. Generally, there are three classes in Lanzhou at 1:30, 3:30, and 4:10 in the afternoon.

  Applicable Langmu Temple Town currently has Langmusi Hotel, Bailong Hotel, Renqing Hotel in Sichuan and so on.

The price of a typical room is 15?
A bed of 20 yuan, during the national holiday, the price will rise slightly.

  The Lisa restaurant has moved to become a small bridge in Langmu Temple, Gansu Province. It is still a good thing. It is a well-known restaurant. In the afternoon, there are apple pies and chocolate cakes. During the peak season, there may be more tourists.

There are also some small restaurants with halal or Sichuan cuisine. The price is OK.

  Tickets for the Langmu Temple in Gansu are 10 yuan; Sichuan Gedi Temple 13 yuan (not to see the Great Hall 10 yuan).

  Attentions here are more than 3,600 meters above sea level. There are obvious shortness of breath in the upper and lower floors. The average person has a certain headache for sleeping the night before. It will be fine afterwards. It should be said that the altitude sickness is not obvious.

The weather is obviously cold, the mountain is very windy, if you go in the summer, you must bring a coat, it is very cold in the morning and evening; if you go in winter, you should do warm measures, hats and gloves are essential.

  Recommended spots in Gansu’s Sai Chi Temple are definitely to be visited. It is indifferent to see the Geerdi Temple in Sichuan. The fairy cave, the source of the Bailong River, and the Grand Canyon are to be seen. The arrowheads in Sichuan can climb up., look at the panoramic view of Langmu Temple; if you have time, it is highly recommended to take a shower in the hot springs of Diebu, you will know what is really comfortable.

How do newborns always fight snoring?


How do newborns always fight snoring?

Newborns are snoring. They are too common in life. Many inexperienced mothers are nervous when they see their baby snoring. In fact, like adults, babies will also fight, usually after a short period of time, snoring will stop.This is harmless to the baby.

So, what good tricks do you face in the face of a baby?

How to deal with the newborn, how to deal with snoring, prevent the baby from snoring, get up quickly!

Causes of neonatal snoring 1. If there is no interference from other diseases, the child will suddenly and loudly snoring. At this time, it is necessary to pay special attention. This is mostly the cold signal that the baby sends to you.

2, drinking too much milk or milk too cold baby diet is also an incentive, give your baby too much milk or your baby is too fast, you will inhale a lot of air, snoring constantly.

In addition, the milk that is given to the baby is too cold, and the excessive cold medicine is fed, which in turn interferes with the normal operation of the spleen and stomach function, and the stomach is reversed, which may also cause snoring.

3, crying after eating baby suddenly burst or wake up, crying, Mommy usually use breastfeeding to deal with, and the baby is constantly licking and drinking milk, naturally will fight.

But this kind of snoring is generally spontaneous, and does not produce too much excess. It will recover after a while, without being too nervous.

How to deal with newborn snoring, take the child up, take a pat on his buttocks, give him more water, and put a quilt on his little belly to ensure the warmth of the abdomen.In the autumn and winter seasons, it is recommended to add a handkerchief to the quilt for better results.

2, snoring for a long time or duration mother can sprinkle orange slices in boiling water, wait until the water temperature is low and then feed, the child’s cockroaches will come to an abrupt end.

3, after drinking milk, lying down and snoring, this is mostly because the abdomen is expanding, when you drink milk, it is too strong, inhaling a lot of air, the stomach is getting more and more uncomfortable, can only be exhausted by snoring, bottle mouthOpening too small will also induce this situation.

Slowly massage your baby’s belly to help him expel the gas in your stomach.

4, drinking too much snoring If it is because the milk is too rushed, then you can pick up the baby, grab the little sole, so that he will cry, his diaphragm will stop shrinking, snoring will stop naturally.